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Shwedagon Pagoda Festival
The festival of the Shwedagon Pagoda is celebrated on the every fullmoon day of Myanmar calendar. Many people in the country contributes funds for the repairing and a great number of people pay homage every day.

Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda Festival
Continuously Eight months a year, crowded festival, TheKyaikhtiyo Pagoda Festival is a special festival of lights celebration. On the Full Moon Day of Thadingyut, locals offer the lighting of 9000 candles and 9000 flowers to the Biuddha. And Happy new year days.

KachinManaw Festival
Kachin is one of the mountainous states in Myanmar which has a delightful festival known as one of very famous Manaw. Northen Part of Myanmar,Kachin, the hill people or the Scots of Myanmar, celebrate Manawfestiva

MahaMyat Muni Pagoda Festival(Mandalay)
This festival falls on the full moon day of Tabodwe. This festival usually lasts for 2 days. Glutinous rice (which is a delicacy) contests are also held on the pagoda's platform.

Ananda Pagoda Festival
Once a year, there is a big festival of AnandaTemple, symbolizing the limitless wisdom of Buddha, there is a month long sanctified, the finest, the most beautiful one out of 2000 holy monuments in Bagan, Myanmar.

Htamane (Sticky Rice) Festival
Htamane festival is held between February and March, throughout the whole country. It is made of sticky rice and sesame seeds. One large pan requires 4 small baskets of sticky rice...

MahaMyat Muni Pagoda Festival
This festival falls on the full moon day of Thabodwe. This festival usually lasts for 2 days. Glutinous rice (which is a delicacy) contests are also held on the pagoda's platform.

Salone Festival
Salone festival is usually held during the month of February. The festival is at Majungalet Village on Bocho Island near Lampi Island in Myeik, Tanintharyi Division.

Kakku Pagoda Festival
On the full moon day of Tabaung (March) which is the last month of the Myanmar lunar calendar, Kakku Pagoda festival takes place.

ShweUMin Pagoda Festival
PindayaShweOo Min cave Pagoda with round about 10000 images festival is held on and around full moon day of Tabaung as well. It starts seven days before the full moon day.

MinBUShweSettaw Pagoda Festival
MinBuShweSettaw Pagoda Festival is one of the most significant Pagoda festival in Upper Myanmar. It is 36 miles from Magwe...

Thingyan Water Festival
It is believed that water festival washes away sins and welcomes the Myanmar New Year. Water festival held all over the Myanmar with different ways of different nationality.

Taungpyone Nat (Pwe) Festival
The Nats(Spirit) are believed to be super natural powerful beings, stated between the gods and the spiritual beings. Most of the Myanmar people worship the Nats as a religious belief.But those who realized Buddhism never worship Nats.

PhaungDawOo Pagoda Festival
One of the famous principal shrines in Myanmar, this pagoda houses five small Buddha images. Once a year, in end Sept-early Oct...

Thadingyut Lighting Festival
Thadingyut is a seven-month of Myanmar calendar and the end of lent. Three days of lights festival, namely the day before full moon, the full moon day and the days after.

Mrauk U Festival (Chitthaung Temple)
Once a year there is big festival for ChitthaungTemple.Ithelds a week tillfullmoon day of Kasoon ( May).