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 Tour adventure in Diving

North Mergui Archipelago (Black Rock)
DURATION - 7 Days/ 6 Nights ( 22 Dives )

Scuba diving Vacation tours

With our many years of experience operating live-aboard scuba diving vacations amongst the beautiful tropical islands of Thailand and Myanmar (Burma), we promise you the best scuba diving available in all of the destinations that we visit and We (experienced multilingual team) will always make sure you are fully satisfied. Once you are with us, we will take care of everything. You just have to relax and enjoy your diving.

Please have a look our tour program and then join with us!

Tour adventure in Diving:
North Mergui Archipelago (Black Rock) 7 Days/ 6 Nights ( 22 Dives )

Price per Diver
1,400 USD (1,450 USD for the cabin with bath room inside)

Included in price:
All Food, Private cabin for two people, Snacks, Soft drinks and Light for night dive

Not included:
Royalty fee to Myanmar -140 USD plus visa fee - 30 USD, Equipment rent 25 USD /day, beer - 50 THB/car.

Day 1 )

After immigration clearance, our boat will leave from Kawthaung’sMyoma Jetty to Kyat Mauk Island around 4:00 pm. Enjoy the sunset from the boat. Relax and overnight onboard.

Day 2 )

Early morning, we’ll start with easy diving in High Rock and Rocky 1. Both sites with full of spot rays and cobia as well as a lot of small stuff hiding in the coral. It’s a good to test your eyes! Here we can find all the species of Nudibranchs, Another 2 more dives for first day are in Shark Cave: one of the most famous dive site ofArchipela Mergui go, espacily for Shark cave where you have very good chance to see more than one shark inside the cave. If you’re lucky, you can see Manta Ray, Eagle Ray, Whale Shark, Grey Reef Shark, Nurse Shark and big blotched sting ray in that dive site. Even if you have unlucky with the stuff, you still have chance to see Ghost pipe fish, Harlequin shrimps, Frog fish, Sea Horses and Gorgeous coral everywhere. In that night the boat will be heading to the north toward Black Rock

Day 3 )

This day is adventure diving in Black Rock, the most famous dive site in Myanmar with great visibility, many big stuff like Sharks and Rays and also very rich in Macro life and colorful coral. You will be never forgotten to this dive sites.

Day 4 )

That day is also adventure diving. We’ll make 3 dives in North Twin and panicles around north twin island and one dive in South Twin. Dive sites in Twins islands usually offer the best visibility and the highest chance for pelagic. Chance to see Manta Rays, Eagle Rays, Whale Shark, Grey Reef Shark, Nurse Shark, Zebra Shark and Giant Sea Fans.

Day 5 )

4 dives in The Arc, Boulder rock and Macleod island. Dive sites are with absolutely amazing soft coral everywhere, colorful world with guiding spot for macro life : pineapple fish, ghost pipe fish, nudes, whale sharks are often seen in Boulder rock and the Arc is place for Lobsters. Macleod is the best place for night dive.

Day 6 )

This day diving may be finest diving on the trip. 2 dives in Sea fan Forest Pinnacle. The dive site with a forest of beautiful giant sea fans where you have a very good chance to see some of the big stuf. And another 2 dives for that day are western rocky, one of the best dive site in Myanmar. One of the highlights is a tunnel (cave) at 20 meters depth that goes all the way through the island. There are good chances of seeing Bow mouth Guitar Fish. Nurse Shark, Grey reef shark, Cuttlefishes, Harlequin Shrimps, Frogfish and Sea Horse and a lot of Lobsters

Day 7 )

The last day diving. 2 dives in Shark point and secret lagoon. The dive site are amazing, especially for colorful soft coral and the caves. There we have opportunity to see black tip sharks, Tunas, Snappers, Stingray, Turtle, rare and beautiful different species Nudibranchs and many small stuff. After the last dive, the boat way back to Kawthaung. On arrival, transfer to hotel.

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