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Yangon- Mandalay – Mingun – Monywa – Bagan – Mt.Popa – Kalaw –Pindaya- Inle

Day 1 )

Arrive at Yangon
Warmly welcome to Myanmar by our tour guide and transfer to your hotel, and start touring or leisure day, depends on the time of Int’l flight.

Day 2 )

After breakfast at hotel start an excursion round Yangon, central of city,SULE pagoda built 2000 year ago. Then, we are going to strolling between the colonial buildings until Strand Hotel and on the way, you will see that people are working round Nanthida Jetty.

Then tour continue to Reclining Buddha, 70 meters long, and the longest one round this area. After that driving to Scott market, colonial building not only going shopping also have good time seeing things in this market. Have Lunch, then, go on Shwedagon Pagoda built in more than 2500 ago. It’s going to be world wonder. Enjoin here until sunset then relax at hotel.

Day 3 )

Yangon – Mandalay After breakfast, heading to domestic airport for Mandalay, it takes 1hr & 20 minis on the flight. One hour drive to downtown from airport. But we have excursion on the way to downtown or hotel, like Aamarapura, Ava Sagaing and PyinOoLwin, Now starting tour from the small village seeing how they are doing different kinds of pots, made of clay, mini factory of pottery.Then heading to Amarapura to join to monk lunch at Mahagandaron Monastery, but just shooting photos. If it is possible for you to walk along till U Bin Bridge build by head of Palace of Amarapura, this is the longest one made of teak wood in the world, 2 km long. Lunch break on the tip of Ava Island or after visit of this Island.

Then, continue to Ava, one of kingdom of Burmese since 14 century and 17 century again. It is really pleasant visiting AVA and riding house card one round here. A visit Ava takes more or less 1hr and half. Then drive back Mandalay and relax in hotel.

Day 4 )

Mandalay – Mingun – Mdy Enjoin breakfast at hotel and heading to Mingun, some nice photos of street workers on the bank of the Ayeyawady river before taking a the private boat, there are a lot of interesting things to see on the way to Mingun, sailing, travelling with bunch of bamboo, finding wood under the Ayeyawady River, fishing, digging send and planting on the island …etc. Arrive at Mingun, a lot of sellers approach you for souvenirs.

This area is not kingdom of Burmese, but a king, Bodaw from fromAmarapura stayed there temporarily to build Mingun pagoda by the help of Rakhin prisoners. There are four or five things to see in Mingun Area such as two broken lions, Mingun temple, MingunSaradaw statute, Mingun bell, and Mrathindan pagoda with typical style and can make one round the Mingun village.

Then, going back on same way to Mandalay ,and lunch break , continue round Mandalay hill , like golden palace monastery made of teak wood it is unique the rest of palace of Mandalay in 1785, Kuthodaw pagoda with 792 pillars with 2 pages in each small pagoda and going up Mandalay hill to have panoramic view and sunset. After that back to relax in hotel.

Day 5 )

Mandalay – Monywa
After Breakfast at hotel, start moving to Monywa, one more stop and a visit Sagaing Hill on the way to Monywa and Kaungmudawpahto. Then, continue to Monywa area, depends one time, being able to visit Thabhoda temple, Bohtitataung, world tallest standing Buddha and reclining Buddha, built by holy monk (BohtitataungSayadaw).over night at hotel.

Day 6 )

Monywa – Bagan
After breakfast at hotel, start deriving to Phowintaung and Shwe Ba hill where they lived and made those by them. Thousands of caves, Buddha Images and mural painting without restore since 16 century and monkeys. Visiting both takes one and half hour. And heading to Bagan via Pakkuku the longest bridge, relax in hotel.

Day 7 )

Morning flight to ancient capital of Bagan. The 11th century marked the start of Bagan's incredibly rapid development into one of the world's largest metropolis of its day. Bagan is world cultural heritage site and famous for the magnificent architecture of its buildings. Bagan's heyday lasted into 13th century; the city had in the meantime acquired the epithet" city of the Four Million Pagodas". Start the s/seeing with Ananda temple, an architectural masterpiece. Thabyinyu (the omniscient) temple rises to 61 meters and Nathlaungkyaung are to be visited. It is dedicated to Hindu god Vishnu and a perfect example of the religious tolerance that prevailed in Bagan. Finish for today by taking sunset view over mighty Ayeyarwady River from Shwesandaw pagoda.

Day 8 )

Bagan – Mt.Popa – Kalaw Driving to Mt.Popa and Kalaw after breakfast in Hotel, takes 1hr 10 minis to Mt.Popa, make one round in that flower hill , and climb up 777 steps. It is influenced by the very famous spirit ( Nat’s). after that tour continue to Kalaw, you are going to have very nice landscape upon paddy field, vegetable plantation and mangoes garden …etc. more or less after 5 driving hours , you will be in hotel , Kalaw.

Day 9 )

Kalaw (soft tracking)
After breakfast at hotel, prepare for soft tracking – Pinnaypin village, walking only 4 hours (up/down).

Day 10 )

Kalaw – Pindaya – Inlelake
Prepare for Pindaya cave (golden cave) and Inle Lake after breakfast at hotel, it will take one hour. Incomparable panoramic view of Shan State before the cave. Then, a visit Pindaya cave is really worth, start inserting Buddha images inside the cave in 13 century according to Burmese history. The cave exited since 2 million years ago. There are about 10000 images in the cave. After visit the cave, going to have lunch near cave. Then, heading to Inle lake more or less 2 hrs and half and relax in Hotel.

Day 11 )

Morning visit around Inle Lake. 5- Day market or colorful market is rewarding excursion after breakfast, mountainous people ethnic of tribes come and sell their productions. One-legged rowing are the most unusual features who have developed an original, method of rowing with one leg. PhaungdawOo pagoda is also one of the main s/seeing and Buddha images of 12th century are interesting. Ruins pagodas, more than 1500 small pagodas, called Pagoda InnDin. Floating gardens are built upon strips of water hyacinth dredged from the lake bed. Overnight in hotel.

Day 12 )

Inle Lake – Heho - Yangon
Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Heho airport and take a flight to Yangon, shopping in Scott market ( closed every Monday)

Day 13 )

Yangon – departure
Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to international airport and depart.

End our service, thank you.

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